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Dash Academy


When does the comic update?

Usually every 1-2.5 weeks depending on the length and complexity of the comic.


How long will Dash Academy be?

The comic as planned will be 7 chapters with an epilogue.


Do you accept OC submissions for Dash Academy?

OC submissions are closed with the exception of donors.


What programs do you use?

I use Paint Tool SAI for sketching, line art, and colors. Text and text bubbles are done in Photoshop CS5.


What tablet do you use?

I currently use a Cintiq 22HD. My previous tablet was an Intuos4 and it was great as well!

There are a lot of other choices out there to consider too.


What is your comic-making process?

First, I come up with the script and fine-tune the dialogue. Next, I work on the layout. This involves moving around speech bubbles, paneling, and very rough sketches.

Once I’m happy with the layout I finish all the sketches. Next is line art and then colors. Finally, I do the lighting/shading and speech bubble tails.


Do you do requests, art trades, or commissions?

No, not currently. I do appreciate the interest, though. I will update my journal if this changes in the future.


Do you do art live streams?

Occasionally. My channel is here.


Did you go to school for art?

Nope. My formal training is in the sciences, not art. I’ve learned about drawing through trial-and-error and reading.

There are a ton of excellent tutorials and resources out there! For those interested in starting a comic, I recommend reading Scott McCloud’s Making Comics. Balloon Tales is a great online comic-making resource.


Are you male or female?



Will you read my fan-fiction/teach me how to draw/teach me how to use a program/etc.?

Sorry, there aren’t enough hours in the day to give in-depth comments or teach. I will offer tips and suggestions if I do have time.


Can I make fan-fiction based around Dash Academy?



Can I translate Dash Academy?

I love seeing new translations! Please send me a note for the information before you begin.


Can I draw your OC or make gift-art?

Absolutely! I love seeing your pictures and will feature them in my DeviantART journal.